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Do I Need to Check My Driving Record?

There are many things we are taught to check on a regular basis to ensure they are correct. Credit reports. Savings accounts. Insurance policies. But many people are unaware that they should review their driving record from time to time as well. Getting this report is easy and gives you insight as to what the insurance companies see when they run your numbers and come up with your monthly premium.


What’s On My Driving Record?


Your driving record reflects everything that has happened on the road. It includes:


  • Status of your driver's license (valid, suspended, cancelled)

  • Traffic accidents

  • Driving record points

  • Traffic law violations, convictions and fines

  • DUI public records


How Long Do the Items Stay?


Most items on your driving record are temporary, but some are permanent or have very long terms, such as DUIs. What’s on your driving record will impact the type of insurance you can get and the premiums each month, so it’s a good idea to check your record from time to time, especially if you’re expecting something to go off your record, such as a ticket or minor accident.


What are the Benefits to Checking My Driving Record?


The benefits to checking your driving record include:


  • Keep tabs on what your record shows.

  • Determine if you have a valid or suspended license.

  • Identify if the information is correct.

  • Correct erroneous or outdated information.

  • Keep your record as healthy as possible.

  • Qualify for the best car insurance rates.

  • Protect your driving privileges.


How Do I Get a Copy of My Record?


Here in New Jersey, you are able to order your driving record online so you can skip a trip to the DMV. There are different reports that can be ordered, such as:


  • Non-certified driving records: Can be viewed online only and are not accepted by insurance companies, employers or courts.


  • Certified 5-year driving records: Used by insurance companies and for pre-employment screening checks.


  • Certified complete driving records: Used by the courts.


The certified driving records contain all information such as accidents, traffic violations, driver’s license suspensions, driving record points, fee payment history and types of violations. If you don’t choose to use the online method, you can also access your driving record by mailing a request to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Find out more here.